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How Does Learning Work with Jiligaga?


Joyful Learning for Kids


Can't Concentrate While Learning?

  • Through games, animations, songs, interactive activities, and videos featuring native English-speaking teachers, learning becomes enjoyable, engaging, and immersive for kids.

Struggles to Retain New Content?

  • Learn, practice, review, test, and remember more effectively. Integrate key elements of kids’ growth, document each step of their learning journey, and fill in gaps by identifying and rectifying errors.

Hesitant to speak up?

  • With AI voice assessment and positive reinforcement procedures, we help kids to ease their burden of speaking and ignite their language confidence.

Peace of Mind for Parents

Overwhelmed with Parenting Pressure?

Seamless interface navigation empowers kids to learn on their own. Multi-device sharing enables kids to learn together, while setting parents free.


Unsure of the Best Way to Teach Kids?

Personalized post-lesson reports allow you to check your child’s progress at a glance. With quality flashcards, worksheets, and other learning resources, we've got all your needs covered!


Kid’s Early Exposure to Digital Devices?

Our bite-sized lessons enable kids to learn in 10-15 minutes a day, ensuring their eye health. Plus, Jiligaga comes with parental controls to avoid accidentally accessing restricted content.


See What Other Families Say

The way of learning while playing suits curious toddlers fine. It sets parents free by enabling kids to explore and learn on their own.

Lessons are so interactive that my kid can actually sit down and enjoy reading out loud. He even asks me to watch it together.

It has letter tracing exercises that are guided step by step. Every time he traces a letter, he feels like a champ!

Learning through games makes it easier for my kid to understand. Getting the questions right also gives him a sense of accomplishment, and he will cheer, I won!

Through playing games and constantly speaking out, kids naturally develop a love for learning English.

My kids thought it was just animation, but they soon realized it also included speaking and interactive activities. After a few days, they can actually say a few words!


Discover the Joy of Effortless English!

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